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All tiles are handmade and painted by Nettie. The process includes, rolling out the clay into slabs, cutting each one with a tile cutter, sculpting, carving and smoothing them to prepare for painting/glazing.
When the painting (with underglaze) is complete the tiles are ready for the 1st firing; the bisque firing (to get it ready for glazing.)
I then apply the clear glaze to the tiles by using a spray gun (w/air compressor) for an even application. This firing reaches 1980 degrees. This is low-fire range.
* I use a heavier duty clay (shock-resistant) when making exterior tiles and large scale architectural work (door frames, fireplace mantels, mantel pieces and window frames. These fire to 2185 degrees. This is Mid-Fire range.

Handmade tiles not only have more of a unique look but can be customized to fit any home and purpose.



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