The story behind my Swedish Dala art comes from growing up in a household full of the traditional wooden horses and celebrating Swedish traditions.

Over the years, my siblings and I have acquired our own special collection apart from our mother's, and even though we live long distances from each other, our Dala horses make us feel like we are closer than we really are.


I enjoy painting the Dala Horses in a variety of settings. The fun part for me is when I am done decorating the horse with its traditional markings, and I can put my own creative twist in the background, which people don't normally expect to see a Dala horse in settings like these. It's a fun surprise.


These are reclaimed Red Cedar, cut with a bandsaw, sanded & sanded some more. I've applied a thin coat of shellac, lightly sanded and then buffed to give it a nice smooth look. Then I take my teeny tiny paint brush and paint each piece with acrylic paints. I only use discarded wood and am always honored to create something from such a beautiful tree.