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Being asked to create a portrait of someone’s beloved animal invites me to learn about the memories and the love they’ve shared. While I look through photos, study their faces, match the tones and blend the colors as I paint, I begin a relationship of my own with the animal, helping me to bring out their true essence. There are layers upon layers within a portrait and each strand of fur is often another color, moving slightly different than the others. I like to think of the paintbrush as an extension of my fingers. Painting the direction of the fur is a lot like working with clay. It allows me to shape the animal's face, giving me the sense that I'm touching them.

All work is painted with gouache on Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper (hot pressed)

*A portion of proceeds from these paintings go towards helping animals in need.




Feel free to message me if you'd like to have a painting done of your beloved animal.


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