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Dear Officer Barry


photo by Carolyn Hutchins

Dear Officer Barry

It’s really pretty here - location undisclosed. I've not found one single well-made knife in any of the thrift shops, but I have found lots of flowers and pretty rivers. Juicy and I went down to the Creek and sat by the water to watch it rush by. I have to be more careful around the water as Juicy tried for another escape. I don’t know what it is with him, but he keeps lunging off of me and I honestly don’t know how he loosened all those staples without me noticing. We were just quietly enjoying a peaceful picnic by the river and all of a sudden he throws himself in the water. Luckily he didn’t get very far. About 100ft down river he got caught on a fallen tree limb laying in the water, otherwise he would have gone right over the waterfall.

Juicy was Ok and recovered. He lost an arm. I had to borrow a fishing pole to get him out from the branches. It took about five attempts as I kept accidentally hooking his ears. Juicy wouldn’t acknowledge the fact that he tried to get away from me, again. I think he’s a spy. In between casts of rescuing Juicy I caught a fish. I was going to keep it but Juicy grabbed it and threw it back. I took his eyeball from his belly and threw that!!!! There was some feeling of guilt, but then I thought about ice cream.


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