This special vase began with two slabs, which were assembled to create a cylinder. The rest consisted of patient conversations between myself and clay, working together to create something special.

I thought back to my early days working with clay, about twenty five back where I'd hold a lump in my hand and begin to see something and just go with it. It excited me never knowing what would come from that lump of clay.

I'm happy I've rediscovered this way of creating, which was the reason I fell in love with the medium in the first place.



Created from two slabs of clay which are assembled into a cylinder, the piece is rotated and is pushed from the inside out allowing for an opportunity to see something within the form. Before the piece is completely dry, it is shaped, and carved, carved and carved some more. It is then bisque fired to its maturing temperature, cone 04. Followed by sanding, glazing and the final firing. Most of the time the work goes through 2 glaze firings until the desired colors are present.

Ceramic Vase

  • Ceramic, cone 04, underglaze, glaze

    12  3/4" x 4" x 7"