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These ceramic turtle bowls are the first of the turtle bowl line.

Both sculptural and functional, they are perfect as a centerpiece for the dining room, living room and anywhere else in the home. They can also be customized as planters.




This piece is made with a low-fire claybody.

Created from slab, the piece is assembled, sculpted and carved. Underglaze is applied to the head, legs and tail. The skin texture is done by carving with a fine tipped tool.

When the work has fully dried, it is loaded into a kiln and fired = bisque at cone 04. Glaze is applied and then fired again to cone 05. Each piece can be customized.


Choose from a variety of glaze combinations. Created by the artist, each piece is an original work of art.

Pls allow 2 weeks for creation.

Small Turtle Bowl

$130.00 Regular Price
$84.50Sale Price
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