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The wall turtles are a great addition to the turtle bowl line.

These fun works of art can go anywhere in your home and are quite functional. They happily hold your personal belongings and can even beused as a planter for succulents.


These bowls can be customized to fit your personality. Choose from a variety of glaze combinations.



This piece is created with a low-fire claybody. Created from slab, the piece is assembled, sculpted and carved. Underglaze is applied to the head, legs and tail. The skin texture is done by carving with a fine tip tool.

When the work has fully dried, it is loaded into a kiln and fired = bisque at cone 04. Glaze is applied and then fired again to cone 05.


Each piece can be customized. Choose from a variety of glaze combinations.


Created by the artist, each piece is an original work of art.

Pls allow 2-3 weeks for creation.

Ceramic Turtle Bowl-Wall Art (sm)

  • Small: 4" x  3  3/4" x 6"

    Medium: 6" x 7" x 12"

    Ceramic, cone 04, underglaze, glaze

    *Customize your turtle bowl. Choose from Glaze Color Option tab.

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