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This Ceramic fish was handmade, created from white earthenware.


Fish have always been an inspiration to me and within my work.




This piece was created from two slabs of clay. They were assembled and formed. A layer of underglaze was applied from the gills to the tail. Then a ribbon tool was used to scrape away layers of the underglaze allowing the white claybody to show. 

A fine paintbrush was used to apply the black underglaze in order to refine the areas carved, creating nice clean lines


This piece went through many changes over the course of two days until the design felt right.

When dry, the piece is bisque fired to its maturing temperature, cone 04. The white areas are then sanded down for a very smooth finish. An application of clear transparent glaze is applied following the final firing.


This claybody has some resemblance to that of porcelain.

Ceramic Fish Sgraffito

  • Ceramic, Cone, 04, Underglaze, Glaze

    12.7" x 7" x 2"

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