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This handmade piece serves as a small bowl or large tea cup.

Whichwever its use, it was thoughtfully made to be thoughtfully used.


 The rim is concave and the bottom not entirely flat, allowing for a pleasing feel while nestling in the hands.

*It can also be hung on the wall.


Custom designs for the bottom available.



Created from two slabs of clay which are assembled into a cylinder, the piece is rotated around as it is evenly pushed from the inside out creating its final form. Before the piece is completely dry, it is shaped, carved and burnished, giving it a very smooth surface.

When dry, the piece is bisque fired to its maturing temperature, cone 04. The white areas are then sanded down for a very smooth finish.

A wash of black underglaze is applied and wiped off, only leaving what was absorbed into the clay. An application of clear transparent glaze is applied followed by the final firing.


This claybody does have some resemblance to that of porcelain.

Ceramic Carved Tea Cup

  • Ceramic, cone 04, underglaze, glaze

    3" x 4"

    rim:  2   7/8"

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