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Ceramic Birch Tree-Wall Art was handmade using white earthenware.



This piece was created from two slabs of clay which were assembled and made into a cylinder. It was rotated around while evenly being pushed from the inside out creating its final form. 

I began with the first foreground tree by carving away the background. This step is repeated till the last tree in the background is done.

When dry, the piece is bisque fired to its maturing temperature, cone 04. 

A light wash of black underglaze was applied. It was then wiped down leaving areas of black that was absorbed into the clay.

A coat of clear transparent glaze was applied following the final firing.


 This claybody does have some resemblance to that of porcelain.

Ceramic Birch Tree- Wall Art

  • Ceramic, cone 04, underglaze, glaze



    2.5"  x  3.5"


    3.5"  x  5"


    5" x 8"


    6" x 12"

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