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The Birch Trees in Daylight tiles are original works of art. Once created, they can be installed in a home or framed and ready for dispay on any wall.



The Birch Tree tiles are handmade with a low fire earthenware and painted with underglazes followed by a clear glaze.

The tiles are created from slab and cut with a tile cutter. They are smoothed by hand and flipped many times during the drying process to prevent warping.

When ready, they are then hand painted using a fine paint brush and underglaze.

The tiles go through the bisque firing, painted with a clear glaze and then fired again to 1870 degrees.


* Offered framed, allowing it to be displayed as wall art, or unframed with the option to install in a home.

(additional cost for framing)


Made by the artist, each piece is an original work of art.

This tile is made to order. Pls allow 2 weeks for creation.

Birch Trees in Daylight

  • 4  5/8" x 14" x 1/4"

    Ceramic, cone 04. underglaze, glaze

    *Custom sizes available

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