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This handmade piece was thoughfully made to be thoughtfully used.


Created from two slabs of clay which are assembled into a cylinder, the piece is rotated around as it's evenly pushed from the inside out creating its final form. Before the piece is completely dry, it is shaped, carved and burnished, giving it a very smooth surface.

When dry, the piece is bisque fired to its maturing temperature, cone 04, followed by sanding for a very smooth finish.

A combination of glazes are applied to create some very beautiful effects within the colorsfinal. It then goes through the final firing. There are times when the work goes through 2-3 glaze firings until the desired colors are present.


This claybody does have some resemblance to that of porcelain.

Ceramic Bowl

  • Ceramic, cone 04, glaze

    4" x 6"

    4" Rim

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